About Us

Rho Delta Chi was established on January 17, 1991 as the first Asian-American interest sorority at the University of California, Riverside. The sorority was formed by 14 women in order to unite females of different backgrounds through the bonds of sisterhood and to provide services in the best interests of the community as well as the University.

Rho Delta Chi focuses on four pillars: Sisterhood, Service, Scholastic, and Social.

Our organization places strong emphasis on academic achievement, personal growth, community participation, leadership, and camaraderie.

Established Chapters of Rho Delta Chi:

  • Alpha- University of California, Riverside
  • Beta- Texas A&M University
  • Gamma- University of California, San Diego (inactive)
  • Delta- University of the Pacific

Colony Chapters of Rho Delta Chi:

  • Epsilon (In process)- San Francisco, California¬†
  • Zeta (In process)- Northridge, California

Founding Mothers

  • Rose An
  • Kathy Bak
  • Janet Fukuhara
  • Kim Hirano
  • Christine Ige
  • Sue Lee
  • Jackie Phaphui
  • Christine Sato
  • Jina Song
  • Mina Song
  • Stephanie Tanaka
  • Stephanie Uchida
  • Lana Wong
  • Min Yi