Can I join if I do not attend the same school where Rho Delta Chi is located?

  • Eligibility for membership in Rho Delta Chi: membership may be granted to a woman attending an accredited college or university where a chapter of Rho Delta Chi is maintained.

Does Rho Delta Chi offer housing?

  • Currently, Rho Delta Chi does not offer housing.  Nor do we maintain a “sorority house” for our members.

Do I have to pay to be a member?

  • Rho Delta Chi participates in various activities throughout the academic year.  Financing these activities comes primarily from membership dues and the amount can vary from campus to campus.  Please contact your local chapter to get more detailed information.  

I missed Recruitment, can I still join?

  • Membership is only open during the recruitment period.  If you are interested in joining outside of the Recruitment time frame, please contact your local chapter.  They will be able to provide you more detailed information regarding the next recruitment period.

What is the normal time commitment expected of members during the academic year?

  • As a student, we expect your education to be your primary focus during the academic year (that’s why your in school!).  We do however offer many different events throughout the year for you to attend.  We encourage participation in any of these events, but you are not required to attend all activities.  During your time in Rho Delta Chi, you will learn the value of time management and will learn to effectively prioritize your commitments. 

What does “Asian-American/Asian-interest” mean?

  • The members of our organization share an interest in Asian or Asian-American culture.  We promote Asian/Asian-American cultural awareness within our university and local communities. 

Do I have to be Asian or of Asian Descent to join? 

  • No, we are an open organization and welcome all women to join! 

Do I have to be a freshmen to join?

  • No! you can join any year of your college career.