How do I start a Rho Delta Chi chapter?


Interested in starting a chapter at your campus? We’re excited and glad to hear it!

If Rho Delta Chi is not currently at your campus, you will need to start by contacting your campus Greek Life Office or Office of Student Affairs.  They will be able to assist you in determining if your campus is currently open for new student organizations.  Generally, these departments will provide you with information regarding university policies and procedures for adding a new student organization to your campus.

If your campus is open for expansion, please contact our Chapterization Representative.  Our Chapterization Representative will be able to assist you in starting a chapter at your campus.  They act as a liaison between Rho Delta Chi and the university.  They are also involved in the review process before expansion begins.  Rho Delta Chi reviews the following when considering expansion to a new campus:

  • The quality of the educational institution
  • The strength of the on-campus fraternity/sorority community
  • The number of interested prospective members
  • Local Rho Delta Chi alumnae support


To charter a new chapter of Rho Delta Chi:

email: RHODELTACHInationalboard@gmail.com